A screenshot of the pulse surveys screen on a blue smokey background

Pulse surveys are a great way of checking in with your people to see how they’re feeling on a regular basis.

Employee engagement is critical to the success of a company, making sure your team enjoy what they do and are invested in what they do is the foundation of making your company great.

Immerse Pulse Surveys have been built from the ground up based on over a decade’s experience in Employee Engagement Surveys.

We believe that measuring the mood of your people should be done as often as possible but we know budgets and time restrains usually limit this to once a year.

With Pulse Surveys, you can conduct a small scale employee engagement survey as often as you see fit to make sure your people are happy with what they do and have everything they need to do their jobs.

To create a survey, look for Pulse Surveys in the Admin Cog.

Pulse surveys are an incredible tool for measuring the engagement of your people.

If you need guidance on what questions to use in your surveys or are interested in a full employee engagement survey, contact our expert team on 0115 940 4966 or email hello@pdwgroup.co.uk

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