What will be the fallout of the UK’s gender pay gap reporting?

The past few weeks have seen PR disasters, shocking revelations and great strides towards closing the gender pay gap as British companies were forced to reveal their wage disparities. All companies in England, Scotland and Wales with more than 250...

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Shedding Light on the Mystery of Performance Management

The phrase ‘performance management’ is a phrase that is often misunderstood or simply misused.  I would agree, it is one of those phrases that is not exactly glamourous, and can really can be misleading. So what is performance management? Well in...

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Getting help with GDPR from Immerse

If you are a business owner or a senior person in an SME business, then I’m sure you will have heard of the GDPR. Even more than that, it may have kept you awake at night for many months wondering...

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How could GDPR affect the HR industry?

Image courtesy of blogtrepreneur.com/tech It’s been causing panic among HR professionals, businesses and even data experts, and now the deadline is just two months away. But what is GDPR and how might it affect the HR industry? GDPR – or the...

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Internal Discipline: the key to improved profits

My experience of working with small to medium sized owner managed business is significant.  Across the market sector spectrum SMEs appear to share a number of challenges, whether they are inherently ‘family owned’ or not.

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