Why NFU Scotland uses Immerse Works

At Immerse Works we try to check in with our clients often and make sure they’re getting the best possible experience. We spoke to Alison McLean from NFU Scotland about her experience using the Immerse platform:

My name is Alison McLean and I’ve worked in HR for the past 10 years.

NFU Scotland is an agricultural membership non-profit that supports and promotes a sustainable and profitable future for Scottish Agriculture.  Our purpose is to lobby policymakers to gain favourable outcomes for farmers and crofters.

We have been using Immerse since 2018.

Why did you decide to get an online HR platform?

All our employee data was either in files or on spreadsheets and with GDPR being introduced in May 2018, we realised we would not be compliant and needed a ‘one-stop-shop’ where this information would be secure and easy to access.

Why did you choose Immerse?

We picked 3 systems to try out based on the ease of use, security and the analytical data available in the system. We chose Immerse because it did all this but also they were not a standard ‘off the shelf’ type system.  There was someone you could talk to and also a mechanism to feed in any suggested improvements that could over time be implemented into the software.

How easy was it to get set up?

It took us about four months to get up and running due to time constraints of my role, the system holds a lot of information that needed to be inputted but the master-import function helps. I really appreciate the support that training that I received from the team during that time.

What’s the best part about using Immerse?

The main benefits are that staff are able to control their time off – holidays, TOIL, Absence, etc. –  without HR having too much input.

Also from an HR point of view, being able to have all employee details to hand at any time of day is an added benefit.

We are not yet using the Performance Review section of the software but I can see the benefit of us implementing this in the near future.

Would you recommend Immerse to others?

For any business that doesn’t want to be just an account on someone’s books, then Immerse is the company to use. They put care into every client they have and there’s a dedicated Account Manager that is in regular contact with us which makes a big difference.

So yes, I would recommend Immerse to others.

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