Comprehensive Digital Records

No more rummaging in filing cabinets or hunting for spreadsheets to get essential information about your employees. Everything from Emergency Contacts to Payroll in one secure place.

Holidays, Absences & TOIL

With auto-notifications to line managers and the option to add your leave to your Google or Outlook calendar we’ve made requesting, authorising and tracking time off simple.

Central Policies & Documentation

Store central documents for all or specific employees to access. Protect your organisation by using the built-in ‘confirmation of understanding’ feature to demonstrate users have read and understood specific documents.

Pulse Surveys

Design and run your own internal surveys across your organisation. Everything from a mini engagement survey through to which restaurant to book for a select group. Get instant reports at the touch of a button.

Extensive Reporting

Create custom reports or choose from a selection of pre-built reports giving you a detailed insight into key information about the workforce, from people numbers and demographics to absences and much more.

Incident logs and Risk Assessments

Ensure you stay legal and keep disciplined records of incidents at work, and also demonstrate appropriate risk assessments have been carried out for maternity & returns to work.

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