Objective Setting & Tracking

Clarity of individual objectives are critical to great performance, so ensure high-quality objectives are set and documented by all line managers across your organisation using the same format and terminology.

Competency Framework

Ensure competency expectations are clear by creating or uploading your organisation’s competency framework.

Personal Development Plans

Add your PDP to Immerse Works to allow your people to own their own development. Development and career goals can be agreed & documented, and then reviewed as required.

Interim Reviews

Use our template builder to create different review types to suit your organisation. These can include mid-cycle & probation reviews or weekly catch-ups.


Ensure your teams are encouraged to give their colleagues positive feedback, this makes the real picture of each person’s performance and behaviour is accurately captured over the full period under review.

Formal Reviews

Our review process means all employees can prepare & own their annual review using the same approach. Measure against objectives, values, competencies and development goals. Then agree on next steps and finalise it once the review meeting has been conducted.

Company Values

Publish your company values and the behaviours that underpin them across your organisation. Ensure that you bring them to life by including them in your job specs and formal reviews to ensure your people ‘walk the walk’.

Employee Records

No more rummaging in filing cabinets or accessing spreadsheets to get essential information about your employees. Immerse Performance gives you a simple people record to support your management of performance.

Job Specs

Provide clarity on job purpose, accountabilities, boundaries & expectations by creating & uploading your job specs and link these to review documents to start meaningful conversations.

Peer Review Process

Encourage your employees to seek feedback from others to support their reviews and development with our built in mini 360 feedback facility.  

Bespoke Review Ratings

Customise your organisation’s review ratings just as you want them.  Select how many levels and descriptors for overall ratings to fit with what you need.

Extensive Reporting

Get immediate visibility of what’s going on with performance across your organisation. Ensure the completion of objectives, PDPs, & performance reviews, and identify performance patterns & development gaps all with our simple report builder. 

Essential System Features

Included with every product

Safe & Secure

Two-factor authentication, a rigorously tested industry-standard security infrastructure, & UK data storage makes Immerse Works secure & fully GDPR compliant.

Access from Anywhere

Immerse Works is cloud-based with single sign-on, so users can easily access it from any internet-connected device, anywhere in the world.

Integrated & Connected

We’ve integrated Immerse Works with a number of other platforms, making it easier for users to access and use information from different sources.

Flexible Contract & Payment 

Add and remove users as your company changes. Our flexible billing lets you pay monthly or in yearly chunks. 

UK Based Support Team

Our UK based support team are on hand to quickly resolve any user issues. We also have a comprehensive library of support articles. 

Full Implementation & Training 

Get started yourself quickly & easily, or invest a little in some user training to get you up and running with no fuss.

Get in Touch

Talk to one of our experts about how Immerse Works can help you.

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