If you can imagine it, we can almost certainly build it!  Web technology affords us all so many benefits these days, and many organisations are not fully aware of the breadth and depth of functions that web applications can provide and problems it can solve.

At PDW Group we have built a whole host of different types of web based applications for our clients.  Some examples of these are below.  Our bespoke designed & built systems usually have a much lower price point, and offer huge flexibility & personalisation versus ‘off the shelf’ systems.

If you don’t see below the type of system you are thinking of, then don’t worry, get in touch and tell us what you need.  Our team of experts are sure to come up with the right solution at the right price point for you.

CRM & Sales Pipeline

Create and edit customer account records, and keep track of customer meetings & agreements. Sharpen your sales focus with proper ‘sales pipeline management’, tracking all leads, deals, conversions & losses with conversion ratios and reason codes, and much more….

Activity Management

Whatever your business does, product or service, track your customer activity in calendar and lists format, by timeframe and by person. See a visual representation of activity spread & pinch points in any week or month. Report on sales revenues and associated costs, and much more…

Learning Management

Have the learning management system you always wanted; one that does exactly what you need it to do, and not what you don’t! Track and manage learning activity for your employees, host and run e learning, encourage competition and report on the outcomes and successes.

Secure File Transfer

In these days of GDPR and the constant need for organisations to rigorously protect personal data, don’t risk sending sensitive or personal data via insecure email. Instead invest in your own secure file transfer system that your employees and customers can use easily and effectively.

Project Management

Improve your project management efficiency by having a system that multiple people can access at once from anywhere in the world. Give great visibility of what projects are under way, what stage they are at, who is doing what by when, with a full Gantt chart summary and much more…

Information Portals

Sometimes the simplest of solutions can have the biggest impact. Create a secure central source for all your internal documents and policies with hierarchical access rights so people can access only what they need to see. No more emailing of documents and central spreadsheets!

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