Flexibility & Value for Money

Have Immerse People, Performance and/or Learning modules, either standalone or together, however you like, at one of the best value for money price points you’ll find anywhere.

  • Secure & GDPR Compliant

    Immerse is built on an industry standard secure infrastructure which has been rigorously tested. Data is stored and backed up using Amazon Web Services, and is fully GDPR compliant.

  • Reduce those spreadsheets!

    Immerse will seriously cut down on the number of spreadsheets and documents that are needed and emailed between users across your organisation. People, performance and learning records and activities, all safely stored and accessible by those who need them.

  • Self Service

    Spread the load by letting managers and employees take care of their own records. Users can do a whole host of tasks themselves, reducing the load on your HR team. Using flexible access rights, you only need allow access to the information that people need to see.

  • All the Reporting You’ll Ever Need

    So you have all your data, now you want to use it. Immerse has a comprehensive list of standard reports to help you get the information you need, and you can create your own custom reports using our clever report builder.

  • Employee sign in/sign out

    Just connect an RFID reader and a tablet to your network and users can log in and out to work to track their hours and for fire safety regulations.

  • And a brilliant dashboard…

    The Immerse dashboard gives each user instant access to the information and functions they need. It’s user friendly, and fully customisable, so users can add or remove widgets and move them to where they want them in seconds.

Discover the features that can transform your business.


Make day-to-day tasks like booking holidays & managing absences easy to save time for the important things.


Our simple review process is designed by experts in behaviour & development to determine how your people measure up to to your values & expectations


Enable your people to constantly improve with our powerful e-learning platform. Add your tailor made content and keep track of how people are doing.

Employee Records

Stop rummaging in filing cabinets to get essential information about your team. Everything from Emergency Contacts to Payroll in one secure place.

Formal Reviews

Our easy-to-use process was designed by experts in behaviour and provides an intuitive, simplified review process by making it easy to set objectives and collate feedback.

Host E-Learning

Host your own e-learning content in a secure & scalable infrastructure, compliant with Tin Can and SCORM Next Generation based learning

Book Holidays

Easily request holidays or time off. Requests automatically notify the line manager so they won’t get missed and require a simple approve or decline.

Interim Reviews

Create your own interim reviews, or use our templates, for any purpose. From one-to-ones with team managers, to a return to work meeting. Simple forms keep these meetings consistent.

Engaging Gamification

Encourage participation in your e-learning with our game-like approach. Users earn points, badges, and certificates by completing e-learning and compete to get to the top of the leaderboard.

Track Absences

Keep a track on company wide absence to spot any trends and reduce the costs associated with people being off. Easily log absences, add return to work information and attach ‘fit for work’ notes.

Set Objectives

Our review process includes functionality to track objectives and measure how your people compare to expectations.

Build Courses

Compose engaging courses with video, quizzes, and your own e-learning content.

Pulse Surveys

Easy to build surveys to measure the mood of the office; from your people’s overall engagement to which playlist to choose.

Company Values

See how well your people live up to the values of your company, both self-evaluated and from their line manager. Show that your people are demonstrating what you stand for as a business.

Contact Trainer

Enable your users to contact the trainer responsible for each course for any questions or thoughts they may have on the e-learning you provide.

Standard Reports

A collection of pre-built reports giving you a detailed insight into your people’s performance & the progress of their learning.

Report Builder

Create custom reports that include any information you need using our simple and intuitive report builder.

Admin Dashboard

Important information at your fingertips. Measure the performance and progress of your team with key metrics available at a glance.

Why Immerse-Works?

Lower costs, higher quality

Immerse is one of the most cost effective people systems on the market today.

You can have our industry leading quality, with either the people or performance module from just £1 per user per month, the lowest price point for paid systems you will find anywhere.

Maximum Flexibility

Have one, two or all three modules, all at once or in stages.  ‘Pay as you go’ monthly or pay annually and get a discount.

Go for self set up, or we can do it for you, and find your own feet with the system or we can train your people.  Flexibility redefined.

Real & Broad Expertise

Immerse is designed by real experts in behaviour, performance and learning, not just by systems whiz kids.

With years of combined experience, we know what works and what doesn’t, so we have only put the good stuff into Immerse.

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