Why NFU Scotland uses Immerse

At Immerse Works we try to check in with our clients often and make sure they’re getting the best possible experience. We spoke to Alison McLean from NFU Scotland about her experience using the Immerse platform: My name is Alison...

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How to Perform an Effective Employee Appraisal

The word ‘appraisal’ in itself seems to strike fear into the hearts of many. It has had such mixed press over the years, and many businesses have or are considering dropping anything that resembles an appraisal, altogether! But if appraisals...

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How to Set Effective Employee Objectives

If you want your people to deliver great performances, then there are a few proven and important components that need to be in place to achieve this. One of the most critical is to recognise that everyone, no matter who...

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7 Wellbeing Tips for Remote Working

As the nation hunkers down into self-isolation, it’s important for us to remember to look after ourselves as our workplaces become a lot closer to home. Working from home for a day or two is very different to complete remote...

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What’s the value of having Company Values?

Company values sit at the heart of most companies and organisations these days, fundamentally underpinning how it runs and delivers success. Or do they? In many organisations, people don’t even know what the company values are, let alone how to...

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What’s New this January?

As Immerse is a great tool for growing & developing your people, we think it’s only right that the system itself is grown and developed over time too. Our Dev team are constantly working on new features and improvements so...

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