• Job Specs & Competency Framework

    Provide job role clarity by creating your own job spec template & uploading your job specs. Then ensure competency expectations are clear by creating or uploading your organisation’s competency framework.

  • Set Robust Objectives

    Clarity of individual objectives are critical to great performance, so ensure high quality objectives are set and documented by all line managers across your organisation using the same format and terminology.

  • Capture Feedback

    A common problem when reviewing performance is that feedback is insufficient, and what little is given, is often not captured at the time.  Ensure your teams are encouraged to give and document feedback, so the real picture of each person’s performance and behaviour is accurately captured.

  • Interim & Quick Reviews

    Use our template builder to create different review types to suite your organisation. These can include mid cycle reviews, probation reviews or weekly catch ups. Line managers can then conduct & document the right type of review on time, and to a congruent high standard across your organisation.

  • Document Full Year Reviews

    Full year reviews are an essential part of understanding a person’s overall performance. Our built in review template means everyone can prepare & own their annual review against their objectives, development goals and behaviours and then complete it once the review meeting has been conducted.

  • Create & Review Development Goals

    Immerse allows all users to document and own their own development with our easy to use template. Development and career goals can be agreed and captured by users with their line manager, and then reviewed with progress documented. 

  • Comprehensive Reporting

    A lack of visibility of performance & behaviours is a real issue for many businesses. Immerse performance allows line managers, your central HR team and your directors can access whatever information they need to see.  Our standard reporting suite allows objectives and reviews to be tracked, or you can build your own bespoke reports using our report building tool.

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