Keep feedback in the moment and celebrate success. The “Give Feedback” feature allows individuals to get the recognition they deserve and automatically adds it to their formal review.

Job Specifications

Provide job role clarity by uploading your job specs and behavioural & technical competency frameworks and link these to review documents to start meaningful conversations.

Set Robust Objectives

Clarity of individual objectives are critical to great performance. Easily access, review and update your objectives with one-click access from the dashboard.

Formal and Interim Reviews

Use our template builder to create different review types to suit your organisation. These can include mid-cycle or full-year reviews, probation reviews or weekly catch-ups.

Development Goals

Immerse empowers users to own their development. Personal development and career goals can be agreed and captured by users with their line manager, and progress can be updated in the moment.

Comprehensive Reporting

A lack of visibility of performance & behaviours is a real issue for many businesses. Create custom reports or choose from our standard reporting suite which allows objectives and reviews to be tracked.

Get in Touch

Talk to one of our experts about how Immerse Works can help you.

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