Learning Dashboard

Immerse Learning comes with its own unique learner’s dashboard, showing real-time achievements, resources, messages and  key information to maximise employee development.


Motivate and increase engagement with Gamification. Earn badges & certificates for completing courses and modules using leaderboards to drive the passion for learning and self-development.

Blended Learning

Structure learning courses in just a few clicks, keep your people engaged by including a range of learning media including e-learning, webinars, quizzes, PDFs and videos.

Course Feedback & Reviews

Gauge the quality of learning with simple user reviews.  See what’s worked best with star ratings so you can continually improve the standard of L&D in your organisation.

Learning Events

Sometimes training has to be done in person, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be recorded. Schedule events & invite users, then log their attendance & progression afterwards.

Extensive Reporting

Get immediate visibility of what’s going on with learning across your organisation. Check the completion of courses & events, assess achievement patterns & development gaps all with our simple report builder.

Employee Records

No more rummaging in filing cabinets or accessing spreadsheets to get essential information about your employees. Immerse Learning gives you a simple people record to support learning activity  management

Training & Qualification records

Help employees to build and take pride in their own records of achievement.  Use this information to make informed choices for your workforce around development investment, special projects or career advancement.

Course Catalogue

Drive aspiration and commitment by making sure your employees understand what learning opportunities are available to them. Users can request access to courses they’re interested in. 

Job Specs

Keep accurate job spec records on Immerse Learning to ensure your organisation’s available learning mechanisms are fit for purpose and cater to all available job roles.

Custom Event Emails

Create custom event follow-ups for your face-to-face learning sessions. Brief the purpose of the session to your teams so they come prepared. 

IP Restricted Test location

Easily limit access by IP address for quizzes and tests to only those employees who need to take them.  Apply IP restrictions to user groups as you need to.

Essential System Features

Included with every product

Safe & Secure

Two-factor authentication, a rigorously tested industry-standard security infrastructure, & UK data storage makes Immerse Works secure & fully GDPR compliant.

Access from Anywhere

Immerse Works is cloud-based with single sign-on, so users can easily access it from any internet-connected device, anywhere in the world.

Integrated & Connected

We’ve integrated Immerse Works with a number of other platforms, making it easier for users to access and use information from different sources.

Flexible Contract & Payment 

Add and remove users as your company changes. Our flexible billing lets you pay monthly or in yearly chunks. 

UK Based Support Team

Our UK based support team are on hand to quickly resolve any user issues. We also have a comprehensive library of support articles. 

Full Implementation & Training 

Get started yourself quickly & easily, or invest a little in some user training to get you up and running with no fuss.

Get in Touch

Talk to one of our experts about how Immerse Works can help you.

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